Friday, February 12, 2010

I Have a Lot of Shows Coming Up with Interesting Names

The rapper Doc Waffles (who I write for and sometimes am) will be pouring non events, shaking tail feathers, calibrating trapezes, smoking in bed, and otherwise encouraging libertine behaviors at a number of thought provoking watusicentric loveshows coming up in the next few weeks. This is in advance of the April 1st release of How To Shoot Quail, which is mostly recorded and just needs the bristling application of Caligula soundbites from The Robe at the head and tail of each song. An official release party will be in the works for mid-April but in the meantime, here is a schedule of upcoming events where I will be appearing.

Feb. 26th: "Serious Delerium" at the Vernors Room, Pontiac, a night of hip hop and improvisational comedy ft. Doc Waffles, Self Says, Detroit Cydi, and a motley gang of local improv. all stars.

Feb. 27th: "The Air Up There" at Bob's Classic Kicks, Detroit with One B. Lo, Coldmen Young, Sheefy McFly, etc.

March 13th: "Gentleman of Leisure" Underground Party in Ann Arbor with Fluent, Self Says, Sheefy McFly, and Scav D. The purple coat makes its first Ann Arbor appearance.

March 26th: "I'm Caked Out, Jack" Underground Party in Detroit with Fluent, Self Says, Detroit Cydi, The Telephone Callers, Dark Cube, Kush Twinz, etc. I made some inquiries about bringing Mr. I'm Caked Out Jack himself, Ice T in for this event but his people are trying to get that Law and Order bread so I think I'll just get my manager Hubert Sawyers to dress up as c. 1989 Ice and perform "Colors" for 1/1000th of the cost.

In preparation for these events I recommend you download the latest hit jams at,, and This is a gateway to geekery of sorts into Detroit Bathing Suit Rap. Get after it right now while your waiting for your hair to dry, hipsters, while its still congealing and nascent.

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