Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Heir Up There (at Kelly and Morang)

My friend and force-of-nature-at-large Sheefy McFly was kind enough to let me guest appear on his latest album, "Thee Coolest Loser." Sheefy is one of the most unique and talented individuals I've met in the Detroit hip hop scene. He dropped out of art school to be a rapper and producer full time, and supports massive marijuana and junk food habits solely through hustling beats out of his backpack studio. The price of a beat from Sheefy varies from day to day depending on how desperate he is to smoke or cop a sack of Telway's. A man of limited resources myself these days, it was natural that we make a song about our financial struggles:

<a href="">Broke FT. Doc Waffles by Sheefy McFly</a>

I've been buying beats for Sheefy for a couple of months now, and his production will figure prominently on my upcoming EP, "Who's Holding?" If you have not seen Sheefy perform, or attended his vibrant monthly showcase, "The Air Up There" at Bob's Classic Kicks, you are missing out on one of Detroit's most engagingly charismatic performers. Download his music for free at and support one of the scenes hungriest up and coming artists.