Friday, April 9, 2010

The Old Tigers are on Meth

I live three blocks from the corner of Michigan and Trumble. The grounds where the old Tiger Stadium once stood is for me the most depressing and poignant vacant lot in a city with no shortage of worthy candidates. You get so anesthetized to decay and erosion driving around Detroit that it takes something like a venerated ballpark being torn down and replaced with nothing to provide even a dull shock. I get that, but I also can't help driving past the stadium without thinking of Mark Fidrych talking to baseballs and Willie Horton throwing out Lou Brock. One is compelled to wonder what would happen if the moral lives of the men who balled at the old stadium were subject to the same process of dilapidation.

They would start doing meth, of course, and I freestyled some shit one night to that effect...

Old Tigers are on Meth Freestyle by doc waffles

So yeah, don't be surprised if Willie Hernandez asks you if you know where he can score some tweak next time your walking out of Nemo's. It's opening day in Detroit, suckaz, THE OLD TIGERS ARE ON METH!